Project Details

  • Client: Baghmisheh House Construction Company
  • Consultant: Hajmin Consulting Engineers
  • Location: Tabriz
  • Construction duration: 75 months (1st and 2nd Phases)
  • Completion: predicted to be end of 2016
  • Construction cost: 170 billion Rials
  • Construction method: contracting, fixed price
  • Project usage: Entertainment, Servicing, Sports, Tourism; project prepared by: municipality
  • Land Area: 1st phase: 47 hectares; 2nd phase: 30 hectares
  • Total Area: 55,000 m2
  • Project location: Shahrak ‘e’ Roshdieh, Tabriz

Shahrak ‘e’ Roshdieh recreational- tourism will be constructed in heights of Baghmisheh which benefits from pleasant weather in a 30 hectare land with public urban usage in order to attract tourists.

This project with a total area of 77 hectares in the mountains of Tabriz city has been prepared.