Objectives and Missions

The mission of A.S.P. Company is to offer the contracting services and activities and executive management of the complex constructional projects especially high-level projects and mass production projects including:

  1. Investment and partnership with individuals and entities;
  2. Study, design, and implement the designs, and urban planning and constructional projects including residential, administrative, commercial, installation, etc.;
  3. Attracting capital from the individuals and entities, and civil partnership in establishment, construction, development, and completion of the construction and installation projects and the related industries;
  4. Consultation, supervision, and execution of the constructional projects in the form of contracting or trust;
  5. Establishing orderly information systems for the project performance status (project control);
  6. Performing contracting affairs whether the company is an employer or contractor;
  7. Increasing the technical and practical knowledge about the construction industry by applying modern methods and technologies, and making technical and commercial communication with the technicians around the world to transfer the technical knowledge and the related technologies;
  8. To procure lands including purchase, rent, or ownership through the related departments and so on for construction and execution of the constructional projects;
  9. Entering into constructional projects in the form of partnership in construction;