The message of the CEO to A.S.P. Company

After passing over five decades of the lifetime of A.S.P. Company in the engineering and construction industry, we are honored that we managed to bring quality and position to a high level and put it into practice by relying on the capacity of the domestic specialists. Today, in the A.S.P. family, we force ourselves to protect this name and credit and we are proud of it.

The mutual trust arising from quality is of importance as the main basis of the corporate thought, and the continuous welcoming of the employers, consultants, and staff in the projects from success, quality, and speed of the project implementation is evidence for this claim.

Commitment to fundamental values such as quality, safety, and environment constitutes the basis of the advancement of our strategies.

A.S.P. is one of the greatest active constructional brands in the country in the field of investment, construction, high-level buildings, and huge trading, administrative, residential, and tourism complexes, etc., and it has drawn the new horizons of business in national and international fields with its practical and technical reserve, with a perspective appropriate to the day changes in the Iranian construction industry, and by relying on the experience, managers and specialized forces, scientific and practical knowledge, the necessary software and hardware infrastructures, and the reputation of its shareholders.

Payam Palizian