History of A.S.P. Constructional Company

The activities of A.S.P. Company (Public Joint Stock) started in 1969 by utilizing the technical knowledge of consultant engineers and domestic and foreign experts and by practicing all the scientific and engineering provisions and criteria and by implementing great residential, administrative, and trading plans and it continues its activity by benefiting from over 51 years of experiences by implementing huge engineering projects.

The mission of A.S.P. Company is to offer general contracting (GC) and management contracting (MC) services and activities and EPC and EPCF projects, and especially mass production projects.

By benefiting from specialized and experienced manpower and using the advanced machinery and equipment, A.S.P. Company is able to execute special and complex constructional and civil projects. So far, it has managed to implement over 1,000,000 square meters of infrastructure with high quality and at present, it has over 500,000 square meters of infrastructure in progress.

In performing its missions, A.S.P. Company has always considered protecting the shareholders’ capital, offering services to the employers with the best quality and in the shortest time, practicing the technical and engineering provisions and standards and principles of safety, and optimal usage of the available resources within the quality system ruling the company.

The technical, executive, personnel, and equipment capabilities and also the valuable executive experiences have brought A.S.P. Company to a level that has opened a bright horizon for cooperation in the big developmental plans of the country.

A.S.P. Company is a senior member of the National Association of Mass Producers, member of Association of Construction Companies, Iran Energy Conservation Society (IECS), Concrete Guild Association, Iran Association of Accountants, and Association of Technical and Engineering Services Exporters, and it has attained the first rank in the field of construction and building – the first rank in the field of installations and equipment, and the fifth rank in the field of Road and Transportation.