Project Details

  • Client : A. S. P Company
  • Consultant: SetekBatiman Consulting Engineers Company (French Company)
  • Location: Tehran Province- Shemshak District
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Completion: 1979
  • Execution cost : 4 billion Rials
  • Project usage: residential
  • Number of floors: 1 ten-floors apartment beside 35 wooden chalet floors
  • Land Area: 41,000 m2
  • Total Area: 21,000 m2
  • Project location: Shemshak, Tehran

Shemshak residential complex is one of the best and most beautiful summer villas of Iran located in Shemshak winter sports area. It consists of two main building types including 198 apartments and 35 residential units (wooden chalets).

The architecture of this building is unique and its various parts have been constructed from high quality materials.

A beautiful view of the apartments and wooden chalets of Shemshak sports and residential complex

A beautiful view of the hotel apartment of Shemshak sports and residential complex